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Jersey catiônica

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Cationic fabrics has one kind of yarn with special treatment of cationic process. Such as cationic polyester yarn or cationic nylon yarn.
Cationic yarn resist to high temperature, so in the process of yarn coloring, other yarns will be colored, but cationic yarn will not, in this case dyed yarn will show a two-color effect, and this effect of the yarn can be made into all kinds of clothing.
The warp filament is made of polyester DTY100D+ cation DTY100D, and the weft filament is interwoven with polyester DTY100D. The warp filament is arranged in groups by the two filaments (the dyeing depth is different due to the different raw material composition, and it is easy to form straight strip after dyeing). The warp and weft are interwoven with 1/1 stripper structure on the water jet loom. The cloth is relaxed, refined, dyed (disperse dyes, cationic dyes),  and finalize. The fabric has the characteristics of soft feel, hard to fade, wrinkle resistance and wear resistance.

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Saco de embalagem de plástico multifuncional e haste de papel forte  

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Trinta e cinco dias após o depósito pago

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Mais de cem mil toneladas (negociável para mais)


Features of cationic fabrics
1, cationic fabric is one of the characteristics of the double-color effect, the use of this feature, can be some yarn-dyed double-color fabric replacement, thereby reducing the cost of fabric, this is the characteristics of cationic fabric, but also limited its characteristics, in the face of multicolor yarn-dyed fabric, cationic fabric can only be replaced.
2, cationic fabric bright color, very suitable for artificial fiber
3. The wear resistance of cationic fabrics is also very good. After adding polyester, spandex and other artificial fibers, the strength is higher and the elasticity is better, and the wear resistance is second only to nylon.
4. Cationic fabrics have some chemical properties, such as corrosion resistance, dilute alkali resistance, bleach resistance, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, but also have some physical properties, such as the ability to resist ultraviolet light.

Detalhe rápido

Cationic fabric is full polyester fabric, usually use cationic silk in the warp direction, weft up with ordinary polyester, dyeing respectively with dyes, polyester with ordinary dyes, cationic silk with cationic dyes, cloth effect will have a two-color effect.

Vantagem competitiva

Somos o maior fornecedor da região, temos uma cadeia de suprimentos completa com grande quantidade de fábricas para os mais diversos processos artesanais.


The use of cationic fabric
1, cationic fabric with very good water imbibition, and the dye VAT difference is small, so especially suitable for used as sport types of clothing, mainly is made into jerseys, shorts, yoga, etc., if the cationic fabric is thick, with its brushed effect it can used to make a warm clothes, warm pants, and so on.
2, cationic polyester Khan cloth is also very powerful in environmental protection, can be used as environmental friendly polyester fabric.
3, because the cationic fabric feel soft, wear is also very comfortable. It also has bright color, the effect is similar to the natural fabric. It has good elasticity and hygiene properties, can be used to make high-grade underwear, swimwear and sports clothing fabrics.